Kabataang Gabay Sa Positibong Pamumuhay (KGPP), Inc., an aggressive youth-led NGO

24 Aug

Kabataang Gabay Sa Positibong Pamumuhay (KGPP), Inc., an aggressive youth-led NGO
By Rhea B. Peñaflor

(Note: This article was published in the Advocacy July issue of Mezzo, a lifestyle magazine in Western Visayas)

Kabataang Gabay Sa Positibong Pamumuhay (KGPP), Inc. started as a Pag-asa Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP) Chapter under the DSWD in 1998 and became a youth-led NGO in 2004.

Since then, KGPP has been actively committed in its advocacy where young people themselves are the ones guiding their fellow youth.

Named “Most Outstanding Youth Organisation in the Country” in the year 2003 for Iloilo Chapter and 2009 for Negros Chapter by the TAYO and bagging the National Coke Barkada Award in 2008, KGPP’s major thrusts include:
1. Adolescent reproductive health and family planning among unwed, cohabiting and parenting teens;
2. STI and HIV prevention, case finding, treatment access and care among at-risk and vulnerable children and youth and young people living with HIV;
3. Peer-learning systems in highly exploitative environments, workplaces and risk spaces; and
4. Youth leadership and social entrepreneurship among emerging young leaders from disenfranchised voices (street children, prostituted women, PLHIV, indigenous peoples, children born out of prostitution and among other stigmatised circumstances.

With the vision that a self-sufficient young people who in their own strengths are able to address their own risks and vulnerabilities, thus, raising their own levels of aspirations and translating own dreams into small but determined actions toward development of self, family, community, country and humanity, KGPP likewise facilitates in revealing and harnessing inner strengths and resources and develop these into knowledge tools to stimulate self-sustaining change among individuals, peer-groups, families and communities.

1. Community organizing through reaching out and organizing at least 12 most-at-risk and vulnerable groups of children and young people every year.

2. Development of capacities for behavior change for at least 60 peer educators every year and installation of peer education systems in at least 10 communities and high-risk environments in Western Visayas.

3. Facilitate government ownership and stakeholders accountability through the strengthening of at least 6 Barangay Council for the Protection of Children every year.

4. Influence evidence-based policies and programmes informed by local experiences and realities of children and young people through 12 local policy champions every year.

KGPP’s past and current projects include “HIV prevention” funded by the UNICEF, treatment access and care for PLHIV funded by the Global Fund Round 5, “Drug Abuse Prevention” funded by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, and “Art Therapy and Peer Mentoring” funded by Starbucks International through International Youth Foundation.

KGPP Executive Director Pierremont Montilla shares, “My work in KGPP and advocacy led me to be reunited and reconciled with my family. I organized KGPP as an avenue to heal my wounded childhood. After 15 years of hatred and indifference, I finally reconciled with them this year. It was a process but I feel light and at peace now. Thanks too to KGPP.”

Indeed, those who have passion in working and understanding street children, children of prostituted women, people living with HIV and other underserved and disenfranchised young people has the chance to become KGPP volunteers and international contacts. As volunteers, they can benefit in becoming facilitators, trainers and pool of counselors who have the chance to be catalysts for change.

KGPP can reached through email at or office number +63 33-3212028.


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