Happy Valley Resort and Ubong Caves: Must-visit places in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental

10 Dec

Happy Valley Resort and Ubong Caves: Must-visit places in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental
By Rhea B. Peñaflor

Indeed, a long trip going to Hinoba-an is all worth the sacrifice when you get to see the magnificent scenery of the white sand beach and the islands surrounding it.

City life can be stressful and taxing and one good way to release this complete (and most of the time, traumatic) exhaustion is by taking a breather and that means going out of town.

Happy Valley Resort in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental may be the answer to your back pains and already over fatigued body.

If you are from Iloilo City and you want to visit Happy Valley Resort in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental, you can take a fast craft from Iloilo boat terminal with trips going from Iloilo to Bacolod. You can choose among Oceanjet, Seajet, Weesam ferries and RoRo (Roll on, Roll off transportation). RoRo is recommended if you go in a group and you want to bring a private vehicle going to Hinoba-an. RoRo transportation is available in Iloilo City terminal at P700 for one way fare. From Bacolod City, you can already drive to the destination of your choice, be it in Hinoba-an or somewhere else. The price for Oceanjet, Seajet and Weesam ferries is between P400-500 round trip.

The distance of Hinoba-an is 190 kms. from Bacolod City. One can take the Ceres bus going to Hinoba-an, with an affordable fare of P200. Ceres Bus Terminal is located at Bacolod City with trips every hour. One way trip going to Hinoba-an is 4-5 hours drive if riding the Ceres bus and three to three and a half hour if riding a private vehicle.

A trip going to Hinoba-an is a trip going to a uniquely laid back place yet it is a place with a very interesting work of nature. One will pass through a high altitude before getting to Hinoba-an. Mountain ranges can be seen when one is driving on his way to Hinoba-an. Green Trees are on each side of the road. But more so, upon reaching Hinoba-an, coconut trees become very prominent to they eyes of every passers-by. These trees and other rainforest trees welcome visitors, giving a cool, calming and soothing feeling when you get to the Happy Valley Resort.

Indeed, a long trip going to Hinoba-an is all worth the sacrifice when you get to see the magnificent scenery of the white sand beach and the islands surrounding it. The place is a picturesque view where one will forget all his worries when he sees how beautiful and relaxing Happy Valley Resort is though somewhat far from civilization yet the resort is still preserved for its natural wealth.

Happy Valley Resort is a cozy place with a large space for tourists and guests. It has an atmosphere where one can really unwind and rest. The resort is best for family or friends who want to take a break from long day’s work. It is also best for honeymooners because the place can be a romantic place for its quiet, solemn and calm ambiance. The rooms are affordable with prices ranging from P1, 000 per room with a bathroom and the whole house at P6, 000 with four beds and four bathrooms. The designs are sub-urban with a veranda outside each room. Also there is the appealing two-storey orange house which is best for family or group of friends who would want to be together in one big house. It can certainly be best to serve as honeymooner’s nest.

Doña Dolores Bilbao Uy Bico, owner of Happy Valley Resort shares proudly that there are still existing rich natural habitat in Hinoba-an. There are sea creatures varying from saltwater fishes and flying fishes to “curacha” (this sea creature belongs to the crustacean family and can only be found in Zamboanga and Hinoba-an), sea turtles, occasional dolphins and whales. Also there are still the endangered animals which can be found in Hinoba-an like the spotted deers, wild cats, birds of prey, parrots and wild boars in mountain ranges.

Without doubt, coral reefs and wild life are among the tourist attractions in Hinoba-an. Local people’s livelihood includes farming, fishing, quarrying and mining.

Hinoba-an is also well-known for its Ubong caves. There are three Ubong caves: one is by land, the other is by water and the last one is a cave with a big opening where there is a stairway to the upper cave and a grotto. Stalactites in the caves are still very much noticeable though the Ubong cave by land should be preserved because it seemed that there are visitors who vandalize the caves. There is no problem with the Ubong cave by water because it is impossible to vandalize when the only means to get inside the cave is by a small fishing boat. Sharp rocks inside the Ubong cave by water may cause abrasions and even accidents, so it is recommended for tourists and swimmers to take precautions when swimming and getting inside the cave.

Local people of Hinoba-an, visitors and tourists should also respect nature’s work of art. The Ubong caves are among the many wonderful gifts to man and as such, the same must be taken cared of instead of destroying them by means of vandalism or any form of deliberate disrespect or disregard.

Leaving one’s trash in these caves is an act of dishonor to Mother Nature. Hino-baan has a rich natural heritage which should be preserved because not all places still possess this kind of natural wealth.

Indeed, it is worth your time to visit Hinoba-an and savor nature’s priceless yet fulfilling treasures.

*The writer wishes to thank Happy Valley Resort owner John Bilbao Uy Bicofor his hospitality and patience and who also served as our tour guide during our 3-day stay at the resort. For inquiries and reservations, please email Happy Valley Resort at or text or call 0918-505-8673*

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One response to “Happy Valley Resort and Ubong Caves: Must-visit places in Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental

  1. Angelheart

    June 13, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    I found all these articles very informative. I know that you put so much effort in writing these articles and upon reading them, I realized that indeed Panay esp. Iloilo is very rich in culture..It is but high time for us to really cultivate it and make it known to younger generations before it’s gonna become extinct…Hope that won’t happen. Anyhow, would like to let you know that you should continue writing these articles…Well done.


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